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Digital PMS

accounting software online in patna

Digital PMS ERP Enterprise Resource Planning systems employ highly integrated business software solutions that have existed for many years. Being the base of the IT application landscape of most enterprises, Digital PMS ERP systems remain fairly commoditized and scarcely leave room for differentiation. In view of the major digital transformations currently taking place, the role of Digital PMS ERP ERP systems needs to be reconsidered. Dynode Software's concept of “Systems of Engagement” focuses on the requirement enterprise applications to turn out to be more user-oriented in order to support collaboration and to empower employees. Based on this understanding, we developed a model that classifies how Digital PMS ERP ERP systems can evolve depending on its people-centricity focus and its level of integration.

GST Billing Software & App For All Businesses

manage your complete business with Digital PMS software. Best software for billing , inventory & accounting.

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Key Features Of Digital PMS

Holding our heads high and doing directly by our customers. We have a center arrangement of qualities that we never recoil from and these qualities have helped us grow.

GST Reporting:

Online Accounting Billing software in patna
  • Offline Excel Utility for all GST reports.

  • GST Input Output Register.

  • HSN Summary.

  • RCM Applicability Report Generation date wise/Month wise.

  • RCM – Self Invoice Generation.

  • Reverse Tax Input.

  • Data validation for Uploading to server.


  • Sale Report Bill Wise (All / Area / Party).

  • Sale Report Product Wise (All / Area /Party).

  • Monthly Comparison Report (All / Area / Party).

  • Bill Wise Report.

  • Daily / Monthly / Weekly Report.

  • Party Wise Monthly Summary.

  • Purchase Register (Bill Wise).

  • Purchase register (Product Wise).

  • Purchase Outstanding.

  • Purchase Report Monthly Comparison.

  • G.R. facility in purchase with a multi-years link.

  • Order Generation Report with choice of the number of columns selection.

  • Daily Wanting Report in order of best suppliers information.

Supplier Ledger MIS Report:

Online Billing software in patna
  • Sales Outstanding Age Wise Report - (Party /Head Qtr / Area / State).

  • Sale Report Bill Wise (All / Area / Head Qtr / Party).

  • Sale Report Product Wise (All / Area / Head Qtr / Party).

  • Budgeting Analysis (All / Area / Head Qtr).

  • Target Ach. (Monthly) State / Area / Head Qtr Wise.

  • Sales Man Wise (Bill Wise/Product Wise/Collection/Outstanding Report).

  • Purchase Supplier Wise Report.

  • Purchase Analysis Like Best Supplier / Product Master Supplier Etc.

  • Monthly Comparison Report (All / Area / Head Qtr / Party).

  • Monthly Comparison With All Head Qtr Simultaneously.

  • MR Copy & Bill Wise Report.

  • Contribution Analysis (All / Area / Head Qtr).

  • Sales Vs. Expense Ratio.

  • Commission Report For Sales Man/Client Wise.

  • Best Supplier.

  • Supplier Summary.

  • Purchase Net Summary.

  • SOPC All / Company Wise.

  • Profit Analysis Report (Bill Wise / Product Wise / Party Wise Etc).

Billing Highlights:

  • Barcode Billing

  • Display Board / Line Display on Billing Counter.

  • Order to bill conversion – You can take an order on Mobile and convert into bill auto.

  • Party Outstanding / Ledger during party selection in Sale Invoice.

  • Client Product Lifting Pattern and Auto Generate Invoice.

  • Party Wise Monthly Summary.

  • Bill wise/product wise / Company-wise profit Alert.

  • Goods Return details – Past Sales history of Party / Products.

  • User / Counter/salesman wise Invoicing.

  • SMS / Mail on Customer’s mobile & email / Admin mobile with details of Invoice.

  • Multiple Invoices at a time on the same node.

  • Auto Fixed Scheme / Discount / Combo Discount in Invoices.

Daily Call Reporting Software
  • Our software provides expiry/short expiry/product shortage alert during invoicing.

Accounts Feature:

Online Billing Accounting software in patna
  • Bank Reconciliation.

  • Expense Register(Monthly Comparison).

  • Sales Register.

  • Purchase Register.

  • Sales Register (Party Wise Qtr Accumulative).

  • Purchase Register (Supplier Wise Accumulative).

  • Credit Note Register.

  • Debit Note Register.

  • Expense Register.

  • Journal Register.

  • Individual Register ( Any Account).

  • Daily / Monthly Register For Any Entry.

  • Group Ledger.

  • Group Ledger Summary.

  • Group Ledger Detail.

  • Trial Balance.

  • Profit & Loss Account.

Balance Sheet Utilities

  • Admin App – Allow administrator updates on Mobile Phone.

  • Order App – Allow Salesman to take order / Collection on Mobile and real time update on PMS.

  • Email Facility – Allow Auto send Invoices / Receipts / Reports to Party / Suppliers.

  • Import / Export – Our Software Allow users to Export / Import purchase / Sale Invoices in various formats (Xls, Pdf, CSV, XML etc.

  • PMS Cloud Drive – Allow users to Auto backup/restore data in the cloud and restore in Home/office.

  • Message & Remarks Option.

  • Letter Master.

  • Automatic Highlights Of Expiry / Outstanding & All.

  • Auto Backup While Opening & Closing.

  • DOS / WINDOWS Printing Facility for Every Entry & Report Section.

  • Export to MS-Excel, Word, PDF, XML, Text for Every Entry & Report Section.

  • Barcode Read Service, Print on Barcode/Laser Printer.

  • Display Board Service /Line Display on Billing Counter.

  • Drill Down from Reports to Entry Section.

  • Dictionary Master.

Online Billing Inventory Control software in patna
  • User Creation & Allocation Of Rights.

  • Loyalty Card/programs With Card printing Facility.

  • Option For Data Base Maintenance.

  • Help content For Ready Reference.

SMS Facility

Online Billing Invoice software in patna
  • We, at Dynode Software, aim to provide Digital PMS ERP software at affordable prices. We believe in creating an atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the boons of digital platforms and internet services. If you are looking for Digital PMS ERP Software for your business then Dynode Software is the one-stop solution for all your queries.

  • from Invoice / Collection Entry (Every Entry Section), SMS for Outstanding, Ledgers, for all Reports, Festival SMS / Personal SMS for Personal Contact Book.


Digital PMS


Digital PMS

Digital PMS FAQ

What is Digital PMS ERP Online Accounting Software?

Digital PMS ERP accounting software online are cloud-based software handling lawful accounting and traceable accounting processes like invoicing, billing, estimating, expense and time tracking etc. on the web.

Why Should I Use Digital PMS ERP Online Accounting Software?

In addition to the fact that Online Accounting software is simpler to use than Excel spreadsheets and paper-based accounting, yet it is likewise an ideal option for the now obsolete traditional accounting software. Moreover, your information is constantly backed up to a safe server, you can access your account anytime, from anyplace.

Do I Need To Install Digital PMS ERP Software To Do My Accounting Online?

No, Digital PMS ERP Online Accounting Inventory Control software just requires a browser and a constant internet connection to handle your accounting. There is no product to be downloaded or settings on your PC to be changed at all. You essentially open up the Digital PMS ERP software’s site in your browser, and you go.

Can I Access My Accountings System Using A Mobile Device?

Most accounting solutions give a mobile application gratis typically for iOS and Android platforms. With the Online Billing software, you can get to the majority of the features of the desktop version of the software, like creating invoices, recording expenses, managing clients and more.

Do I Need the Training To Use Digital PMS ERP System?

Do I Need the Training To Use Digital PMS ERP System?

Can I Accept Credit Card Payments Through The Software?

Yes. We incorporate with Card Connect, a third-party payment processor, to furnish you and your clients with a consistent payment experience. You should sign up with Card Connect or be an existing merchant..

Is There A Charge in Digital PMS ERP software for Accepting Credit Card Payments?

Digital PMS ERP Online Invoice software does not charge for credit card processing in the accounting software; however, Card Connect has a standard fee schedule.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Customers You Can Add Into The Software?

No. You can add (and invoice) a limitless number of clients to the Digital PMS ERP Software.

I Have A list of Customers Who Receive The Same Services Every Month. Would I be able to Set Up Automatic Invoices For These Customers?

Yes! With Digital PMS ERP, you can send recurring invoices to your customers on your desired schedule at no additional charge.

The amount Is It To Add Users To The Digital PMS ERP Accounting Software?

With Digital PMS ERP, you can set up different logins to provide for your accountant and additionally others varying at no additional cost!

How Many Bank Transactions Can I Import?

There is no limit to the number of bank exchanges you can import from your bank account.

Is My Bank Supported For Integrating Bank Transactions?

We utilize a third party to safely and consistently coordinate your bank exchanges, Plaid, Inc. Plaid supports most major banks and credit unions. However, you will require online banking access with your bank.

My Accountant Wants Reports With Accrual Basis, But I Like To Use Cash Basis. Which would it be a good idea for me to utilize?

Digital PMS ERP Online Inventory Control software has a special patent-forthcoming money-to-accumulation premise flip that will show your financial reports on a cash or accrual basis with the simple click of a button. This implies you can utilize the straightforward cash basis for ordinary sections yet can give your accountant the required information in accrual-basis reporting.

Will The Accounting Software Integrate With My Payroll?

Digital PMS ERP Expense Management Software integrates seamlessly with Patriot Basic Payroll and Patriot Full Service Payroll.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We appreciates our valuable customer's for their valuable review which encourage us to do more better.


Gauravi Industries


I Would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the services given by you all. I have been using your software since Mar'2020 and I had a wonderful experience so for. Your Work has been greatly appreciated by me and the rest of the staffs. Please Allow me to thank you all for you great support and best wishes for your future endeavors. Without Your services, We would not have been able to do what we are doing.

Agriculture Centre

Sasaram (Bihar)

I am very glad to say that I am using your software approx 14 years, your software is very user friendly & your customer service is more co-operative with us. I will highly recommended to any one for use your software.

Shree Jaiswal Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I glad to infom you that after using your software very helpful for our business and I am using last 4 years, This software is very good and your services also. I am very happy with this software.

Mahi Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I am really glad to say that your Software is very good. I have used this software last 3 years and I have no any problem against this. It is easy to use and geeting any problem the team of PMS always ready on time to support and solve the issue. Really it is common to use and date accuricy.

Maheshwari Power Tech. Spare Sales & Services

Uttar Pradesh

I have been using your products Since August of 2020 and I must say that I am more than delighted. You product is a very reliable system that has eased day-to-day work, giving me up to 3 hours of free time per day. The system makes all our roms available online which helps us stay fully booked. We wanted to move on to a cloud-based, a simple, and agile solution with round a clock support system.It has helped us get east access to our business date anytime, from anywhere, and has saved on our IT infrastructure cost.

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Holding our heads high and doing directly by our customers. We have a center arrangement of qualities that we never recoil from and these qualities have helped us gro

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