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best hospital management software in patna

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About LHMS

hospital management system software in patna

LHMS hospital management software with an integrated information system design to manage the administrative, financial, and clinical aspects of a hospital. Our hospital management software (LHMS) has accurate accounting and billing systems which produce perfect results in real time. Customized report can be check, report can be converted into pdf, word and excel, Admin Report, OPD Report, IPD Report, Profit, Doctor Professional Fee sharing report, Department wise income and dues Report and many more report. Our Best hospital management software provide Quick Access, Relevant Menu wise, Shortcut, Add to favourite and other fetures.

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manage your complete business with LHMS software. Best software for billing , inventory & accounting.

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Holding our heads high and doing directly by our customers. We have a center arrangement of qualities that we never recoil from and these qualities have helped us gro


Our LHMS is designed to manage all activities in hospitals. Whether it is patient's records or activities, our software is capable of managing everything.


It helps in managing pathological lab activities from testing to exam reports and billing.


Our LHMS software lets you manage all activities of doctors including appointments, schedule, charges, prescription etc.


The LHMS software is designed to manage hospital inventory which includes sale, purchase and invoicing. Billing is done according to the service provided.


The LHMS software is equipped with best system of accounting. It generates receipt, voucher, journal, multi voucher according to the need.


All types of medical reports can be generated using our LHMS including inventory, outstanding, tests, diagnostics, commission & billings.

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Bootstrap 4 Based

Based on bootstrap

Fully Responsive

Make responsive Application


Many more Utilites provided

hospital management software

Modern Design

Morden designe like-graphical deshboard

SMS Facility

Sms facility also provided

Printing Features

Application is enabled with perfect accounting support. Receipt, Multi Voucher for all the need specialy.





Why Choose Our LHMS software?

This is the best hospital management system software for doctors to help them run their hospital with ease for many years.

Reception Management

The Reception Management module of hospital management system software manages reception enquiry with dashboard. Track and manage your daily visitors with ease on LHMS. The reception module handles various enquiries about the doctor avaibality patient's admission and discharge details within the hospital.

pathology lab management software in patn

Appointment Scheduling

The appointment & scheduling module of our hospital management system is the best hospital management system designed to manage the appointment & opd management, appointments of patients for the doctors, laboratory, and radiology services.

Ipd Management With The Medical Record

Ipd management with the medical record maintenance system is designed to manage all inpatient department needs. Patient demographics along with the details of admission, room, consultant, surgeon, diet, etc makes it best hospital management system software.

MR call Reporting Software

Diagnostic Management

Out Top hospital management software Effectively Manages Patient Medical Tests, Exam Reports, Commercial Records, And Laboratory Department Activities Like Diagnostic - Pathology / Ultrasound And Xray Management And Report Printing.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a process of ordering, storing, and managing inventories. The inventory management module of the hospital inventory management software is used for inventory store management.

hospital management system

Accounts Maintenance With Outstanding Maintenance

Accounts maintenance with outstanding maintenance service for all purchases, expenses, payments can be entered in this hospital erp software. Receipts can be directly imported from the outpatient and inpatient department.

Additional Features Of LHMS

  • Pharmacy Management:

    Hospital management software for Pharmacy manages Counter Sale, Fast Billing, Reporting, Expiry, Rack Management, Shortage Management, Purchase checking, GST and many more.

  • OPD Management:

    Reduce time to OPD Patient and Concern Doctor with the help of OPD Management like Patient Reg, OPD Billing and Doctor Prescription makes it best hospital management software for OPD Management.

  • Pathology Management:

    Patient no need to go outside for Pathology, Ultrasound, Xray. Hospital management system provides test master, test prepare report, collection of samples, booking test and sending and delivery status of report.

  • Easy Access Management:

    Hospital management system software is easy to use, Quick Access, Relevant Menu wise, Shortcut, Add to favorites like having many more features.

  • Finance & Accounting Management:

    Finance & Accounting Management by our best hospital management system in this Account will manage Money Receipt, Expense Voucher and other concerned entity.

  • Master Management:

    Using best hospital management system software No need to depend anyone self can be create master.

  • Data Management:

    LHMS is the Top hospital management software provides automated SMS & Email generation to the user.

  • Backup Management:

    Hospital management system software provides Auto backup, manual backup in system hard disk and cloud drive(External Backup).

Hospital Management Solution

The best hospital management software that you can immediately start using. Building from scratch to finish.

Hospital Inventory Management Software

Keep up stock information base, track stock developments. You would now be able to watch out for the stock levels for Hospitals without hardly lifting a finger with the hospital inventory management software. This product informs the Clinics, Hospitals, and Doctors about the stock accessible which encourages them reload every now and then subsequently permitting specialists to recommend the patients with the correct drugs. Hospital inventory management software allows a smoothing working in the administration dodging conflicts and holding up hrs.

Daily Call Reporting Software

Hospital ERP Software

It's a challenge doctors have to manage each day. Instructions to give patients the consideration they merit in the restricted time dispensed for each visit. Dynode Software provides easier solutions and a superior administration framework Hospital ERP Software which encourages you sparing your time and considerably more advantages. A total Hospital ERP Software utilizing Mobile applications for Doctors, Nurses, CEO, CFO, Patients, Pharmacy etc.

Diagnostic Lab Software

We take pleasure in informing you that we have launched Best Diagnostic Lab Software, a revolutionary Laboratory management software. It is the Best Diagnostic Lab Software that handles all business capacities from patient management, results generating, to physician decision making. Diagnostic Lab Software has been comprised of incorporated arrangement of capacities that merge the medical center's information base.

hospital erp software

Pathology Lab Management Software

Pathology Lab Management Software gives pathology labs the most versatile information module that is especially used to disperse and record the data comparing to all the test performed in the laboratory. Pathology Lab Management Software is especially consolidated to unify entire information base and modules of facilities, clinics, medical laboratories, pathological laboratories in a solitary brought together interface. Information related to billing of tests, reports delivery and various more can be successfully gotten to and kept up through this structure.

Benefits & Advantages Of LHMS

best hospital management system software Digital Medical Records
The hospital database holds all the important patient data. Doctors without much delay to make an exact diagnosis and guide the patient’s health can obtain the disease history, test issues, prescribed treatment. hospital management software allows for lower risks of mistakes.
best hospital management system software Department Management
Hospitals specialists are capable to manage their possible resources, examine department staff work, overcome equipment downtime, optimize the supply series, etc. Another factor to consider in our best hospital management software is that the hospital department deals with digital data instead of countless paperwork.
best hospital management software in Bihar Better Data Security
The point has been highlighted and strengthened by experts that hospitals that rely on the manual system are more exposed to data theft and leakage than automated ones. A full-fledged hospital management system (LHMS) holds each bit of data secure from unauthorized access.
hospital management system software in Bihar Improved Efficiency
Using hospital management system software enables the processes automated to mean that the processes will be taken care of mechanically without any human intervention and this will instantly ensure improved efficiency.
best hospital management system in Bihar Reduces Scope of Error
Because processes on our best hospital management system (LHMS)are automated and a lot of tasks are assigned to the software to perform with utmost accuracy with minimum human intervention, the scope of error is reduced dramatically.
best hospital management system software in Bihar Avoid Mistakes & Track Each Detail
Managing hospital is a significant concern where there is no scope for mistakes. A manual system can’t ensure reliable and 100% accurate processing. There are chances of errors and mistakes. Installing the best hospital management system software removes the risk of error entirely, and you avoid compliance issues, the two most significant hassles for medical centers and hospitals.
top hospital management software in Bihar Cost Effective
Well-Implemented top hospital management software (LHMS) reduces a lot of manual work that is essentially performed in hospitals, especially the ones where documentation and record-keeping is required. It also saves much on storage and the related operational costs.
hospital inventory management software in Bihar Patient Scheduling
Hospital management system software provides medical providers to simply schedule patients, register them, and option to choose a reason for their visit.
hospital erp software in Bihar Data Management
This element allows medical practitioners to attach and store patient information electronically and enables physicians to inspect it.
best diagnostic lab software, in Bihar Efficiency In Billing
Hospital ERP software provides All in one integrated system for inpatient and outpatient billing.
best hospital management software developers Effective Marketing
Hospital management system software provides SMS integration to Improve communication with patients, staff, doctors, suppliers & other ecosystem partners.
best hospital management software developers Management Time Savings
Free yourself from administrative and operational aspects to focus on personal, academic, medical, or strategic matters to grow your hospital.
best hospital management system developers Laboratory Efficiency
Hospital inventory management software Integrate with the Auto analyzer. Pinpoint where the reagents are being used.
best hospital management system software Lower Breakdown For Equipment
Best diagnostic lab software provides Quick alerts on warranty and insurance expiry to avoid those costly mistakes.
best hospital management system software developers


What Does The Hospital ERP Software Do?

The hospital ERP software delivers paperless, Software-assisted, vital-sign observation recording and inspection and instant care-protocol guidance at the bedside while simultaneously archiving the records on a central host, feeding them into an EHR (if any), displaying the records in the Ward Central station and enabling remote access to authorized users such as clinicians and direction.

Who Use Hospital Management Software?

The Principal bedside consumer is your nurse, who uses it for all individual' rounding' actions and follow-up. The clinical staff also use it at point-of-care or remotely to review patient status and trends. The Ward Manager utilizes it centrally to maintain close oversight of the real-time status of all patients and to track employee's workload. Compliance and Quality staff may use it to monitor adherence to protocol and care policy.

How Does Hospital ERP Systems Function?

The hospital ERP systems are typically introduced to the user with a touch screen tablet computer mounted on the vital-sign monitor gear used For individuals. The machine accepts the individual's vital signs from the Monitor gear and combines them together with other observations included directly by The nurse so as to compile a whole observation record.

Will Online Hospital Management System Connect To My Ward-Based Equipment?

Online hospital management system complies with Global interface criteria. Vital-sign monitors normally have interface ports that allow the online hospital management system to easily connect. If any equipment is currently in use that does not have external vents then LHMS enables the nurse to simply input those screen values through the touch screen. No existing ward-based equipment will have to be replaced when an internet hospital management system is implemented.

Is Hospital Management System Scalable?

Yes, Hospital management system is scalable from a single ward to an entire hospital.

Is The Hospital Inventory Management Software Customizable?

Yes, Hospital inventory management software makes it possible for the hospital to define their own specific observation record format such as protocol guidance, escalation prompts and some other local scoring systems used.

How Secure Is The Patient Data?

All Information is encrypted along the system will be password protected.

How Your Online Hospital Management Software Is Different From Others?

There Are many features which are a part of the software like...

Hospital Pharmacy software for Pharmacy manages Counter Sale, quick Billing, Reporting, Expiry, Rack Management, Shortage Management, Purchase checking, GST and a lot more.

LHMS best hospital management system software is user friendly, Quick Access, Relevant Menu wise, Shortcut, Add to favorites such as having many more attributes.

Finance & Accounting Management by our best hospital management software in this The accounts will manage Money Receipt, Expense Voucher and other concerned entity.

LHMS Best hospital management system offers Auto-backup, manual backup in the system hard disk and cloud drive(External Backup).

Our Management Wishes To Acquire Different Patients How Your Hospital Management System Software Can Help?

Various MIS reports are generated by the hospital management system software utilizing outline details for any selected period (day, week, month, quarter, or even between any two dates) can be created accurately and immediately. Your staff doesn't need to spend some extra time for exactly the same.

How Can I View A Demo?

You Can view a demo by scheduling a consultation with us. You can schedule an appointment by sending your request to us at

How Much Does Hospital Management App Cost?

Due To varying demands of healthcare providers and high levels of personalization, we're unable to record the true price of the hospital management application. However, you may contact us to discuss your needs and to receive a detailed quote for the same.

Does Dynode Software Provides Training Sessions For LHMS?

Yes, Dynode software provides training for LHMS to users according to the specified user function such as physicians, nurses, executives, laboratory technicians, billing and finance, HR, etc. Aside from technical in-house training, Dynode software also provides helpful guides and video tutorials to get improved understanding and enhanced efficacy.

Is There Any Online Support Facility Available?

Dynode Software includes a committed team of service executives who could be reached through telephone, remote connection or online chat. Each of the complaints increased within Dynode software, LHMS are reviewed and escalated into the service team who will do the job for you to solve the matter at the earliest.

Can I Manage Users And Their Access Controls?

Dynode Software LHMS provides benefits to the Administrator, who will have the ability to handle all customers, define their roles and Assign required accessibility to the machine. And reports such as login log files, MIS reports, etc.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We appreciates our valuable customer's for their valuable review which encourage us to do more better.


Gauravi Industries


I Would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the services given by you all. I have been using your software since Mar'2020 and I had a wonderful experience so for. Your Work has been greatly appreciated by me and the rest of the staffs. Please Allow me to thank you all for you great support and best wishes for your future endeavors. Without Your services, We would not have been able to do what we are doing.

Agriculture Centre

Sasaram (Bihar)

I am very glad to say that I am using your software approx 14 years, your software is very user friendly & your customer service is more co-operative with us. I will highly recommended to any one for use your software.

Shree Jaiswal Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I glad to infom you that after using your software very helpful for our business and I am using last 4 years, This software is very good and your services also. I am very happy with this software.

Mahi Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I am really glad to say that your Software is very good. I have used this software last 3 years and I have no any problem against this. It is easy to use and geeting any problem the team of PMS always ready on time to support and solve the issue. Really it is common to use and date accuricy.

Maheshwari Power Tech. Spare Sales & Services

Uttar Pradesh

I have been using your products Since August of 2020 and I must say that I am more than delighted. You product is a very reliable system that has eased day-to-day work, giving me up to 3 hours of free time per day. The system makes all our roms available online which helps us stay fully booked. We wanted to move on to a cloud-based, a simple, and agile solution with round a clock support system.It has helped us get east access to our business date anytime, from anywhere, and has saved on our IT infrastructure cost.

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Holding our heads high and doing directly by our customers. We have a center arrangement of qualities that we never recoil from and these qualities have helped us gro

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