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About Dynode Edu Serv

Dynode Edu Serv is an Education System Technically Supported by Dynode Software Technology (P) Ltd. It’s Mission is to Build up an Echo System in Bihar for Development of Fresh Graduate/Post Graduate (Computer Science) as a Software Programmer. It provides Great Opportunity for Students who have done their Graduation/Post Graduation in Computer Science or having Basic Knowledge of Computer Programming. Following are the Main Services provided by Dynode Edu Serv:-

  • Under one roof Training / Opportunity for Paid Internship / Placement as a Junior Programmer.
  • After 3 months you will get opportunity to work as Paid Internship for 9 months in our company on Live Project with regular training with Stipend Payment between Rs. 2500/- to Rs. 8000/- Per Month Based on your Coding Performance.
  • For 1st two Batch confirm Placement will be given as a Junior Programmer in Dynode Software and Salary will be 10K to 15K Per Month Based on your Performance.
  • Certificate of Completion of Training on .Net Technologies.
  • One Year Experience Certificate as a Trainee Programmer.
  • Confirm Placement as a Junior Programmer.

Best .Net Training Institute in Patna

The world is presently associated with the internet that brings people closure. It makes correspondence simple independent of any zone. To get this going, different standard conventions and web applications empower us to share the data and information in a matter of moments and to stay connected. The greater part of these web applications is developed using .NET programming language, an object-oriented programming language, developed by Microsoft. Microsoft .NET is the only reliable technology available that supports more than 70 languages and simultaneously, it is secure also. Plus, the Graphical UI (GUI) makes it agreeable to design and develop the applications by the users.

ASP.NET Training Institute in Patna

Some Applications That Can Be Created Using The .NET Platform Are:

Best ASP.NET training in Patna
Creating Websites
ASP.NET Training Institute in Patna
Integration with partners using the internet
ASP.NET training in Patna
XML web services
ASP.NET Training
Customer relationship management
ASP.NET Courses
Applications in accounting
ASP.NET Classes in Patna
Product/inventory management
ASP.NET training institutes in Patna
Supply chain management

The .NET Training Program At Dynode Software Prepare The Trainees :

best ASP.NET training center in Patna
To build the logic
ASP.NET training Patna
Writing programs in .NET
ASP.NET Courses
Be able to identify basic building blocks of a programming language
ASP.NET training Patna
Developing a program block, to store data, dictionaries, etc.
ASP.NET Courses
Constructing networked programs using databases and web services.
best ASP.NET training center in Patna
Manipulating data using dictionary and tuples
best ASP.NET training center in Patna
Handling files proficiently
best ASP.NET training center in Patna
100% Job Assistance after successfully completing the .NET Training Program.
ASP.NET training in Patna

Dynode Software being the best .Net training Institute gives .Net training to its students; with the assistance of our IT Proficient Faculty having +15 years of Industrial Experience taking care of live projects in this Sector. Students deciding on this course will get a presentation to the rundown above, with live examples and practical applications. Students after the completion of the .Net training class will get 100% Job placement assistance. We provide training in practical learning sessions with live tasks under the direction of expert faculty. A free lifetime membership card for a course is given also. We facilitate extra problem-solving classes excluding educational program classes that help students to find the solution to problems faced in .Net training class.

What Is The Future With Diploma In .Net Training?

Students after the completion of .Net training will have job opportunities in the following designations:-

ASP.NET training in Patna
Creating Websites
ASP.NET Classes in Patna
Software developer- .Net
ASP.NET training in Patna
Principle software engineer - .Net
ASP.NET Classes in Patna
.Net Technical lead
best ASP.NET training center in Patna
Hired by top companies like RMS, NEW GEN, FiS, etc.
ASP.NET training in Patna

DOT NET (.NET) Framework Training

.Net framework is a programming platform utilized by designers to develop, run and deploy the work area application and web services. The .net structure runs on Windows working framework and two significant pieces of the .net system are Common Language Runtime (CLR), Framework Class Library (FCL).

Advanced DOT NET (.NET) Training

.Net system is one of the mainstream platforms used to create desktop applications, web, and mobile applications. Dynode Software in Patna offers advanced .net training by our technology expert faculty that trains students on hypothetical just as real-time applications.

ASP.NET Training

Dynode Software provides you the best Asp.net training class in Patna by our expert industry. In the event that you are new to ASP.NET, Web Pages is the ideal spot to begin. On the off chance that you need a kick-off to your web development career, at that point learning the ASP.Net structure is an unquestionable requirement. Our well-defined courses on ASP.Net let you handle all the three modules specifically, pages, Web forms and MVC (Model View Controller).

VB.NET Training

Visual Basic (VB) .net is an incredible and object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft. VB .net gives basic language structure and easy routes that help the developer to compose less code as opposed to writing a hundred lines of code.

C++ DOT NET (.NET) Training

C++ .net is a powerful programming environment used to create desktop PC applications that sudden spike in demand for Microsoft Windows operating systems. Dynode Software in Patna offers C++ dot net training by experienced domain expert faculty that plans course syllabus with the idea and straightforward ideal models as per the current IT market.

CORE .NET Training

.Net Core is the elite and particular planned open-source implementation that sudden spikes in demand for Windows, Mac and Linux working frameworks. Center .net is fundamental of ASP.net 5 and has two significant parts that are coreFX and center CLR are halfway forks of .net structure CLR (Common Language Runtime) and BCL (Base Class Library).




Course Content And Syllabus For Diploma In .NET Training In Patna

This Training Course has been Specifically designed to Address the Requirements of Developers who want to become Experts in .NET environment.

Duration : 3 Months

Class : 5 Days In A Week

Class Duration : Per day 3 Hrs Approx.

Total Hr : 180 Hrs

Course Fees : Rs.13000/-

Database Technologies (15 Hours)
  • Introduction to DBMS
  • Types and Components of DBMS
  • Advantages of DBMS
  • Database Design
  • Data Models
  • Client/Server Computing
  • RDBMS Technologies
  • Normalization Techniques
  • Types of Relationships
  • Database Creation
  • User Creation and Management
  • DDL, DML and DCL
  • Tables, Indexes and Views
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Advanced Queries and Sub Queries
  • Stored Procedures
ASP.NET (30 Hrs)
  • Introduction to ASP
  • Building a Web Application,
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • ASP.NET Web Pages and Web Controls
  • ASP.NET Server Controls
  • Web Forms Standard Controls
  • Web Forms Login Controls
  • Server Control Events
  • Validating Form Input Controls using Validation Controls
  • User Controls in ASP.NET
  • Creating a Layout Using Master Pages
  • Data Access with ADO.NET
  • ASP.NET Configuration
  • ASP.NET Web Application Security
  • Web Services
  • Using Crystal Reports in Web Forms
  • Project To Take Home (20 Hrs)
  • Live Project (40 Hrs)
VB.NET (40 Hrs)
  • .Net Architecture
  • Creating Applications with Visual Basic.NET
  • Variables, Constants, and Calculations, Loops
  • Enumerations
  • Validation, Sub Procedures and Functions
  • Classes & Structs,
  • Multiple Forms, Standard Modules, and Menus, Arrays
  • File Handling, Exception Handling
  • Database Connection With UI
  • Data Table, Datasets, Data Binding To Controls
  • Data sets, Data Adapter
  • Advance Database Programming using ADO.net
  • Custom Controls
  • Debugging (debugging setup, debug setting, Breakpoints, Stepping, Toolbar)
  • Data Grid Report
  • Working with Crystal Report
  • Manipulating XML
  • JSON - JavaScript Object Notation
  • Web Services, SMS Integration, Email Integration
C# Technology (20 Hours)
  • C# Basics
  • Error Handling (Exceptions Handling)
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Delegates and Events
  • Interfaces & Abstract Classes
  • Collections and Data Structures
  • Generics and Iterators
  • Multithreading Programming
  • Debugging (debugging setup, debug setting, Breakpoints, Stepping, Toolbar)
  • File Handling, Win Forms
  • Database Connectivity
  • Advanced Database Programming using ADO.net
Foundations of Web Technologies (15 Hours)
  • Web Programming concepts
  • HTML Introduction
  • HTML Programming using CSS
  • Difference between HTML and DHTML
  • JavaScript Introduction
  • How to use JavaScript in HTML page
  • Introduction and programming using Ajax And XML
  • Normalization Techniques
  • Types of Relationships
Why To Choose The Dynode Software For The Asp Training?
ASP.NET training in Patna
ASP Dot Net Training in Patna is particularly expected to help the students to give the best ASP .net Training at Patna instantly in an exhaustive, concrete, and intelligent way.
ASP.NET Courses
The trainees can choose the major, minor, or online live projects according to their benefit and simplicity.
ASP.NET Courses
The ASP.net trainers are well-furnished with technical skills, knowledge, and expertise.
Best ASP.NET training in Patna
Dynode Software ASP Training Institute at Patna offers astounding services going from IT training to development to placement services.
Best ASP.NET training in Patna
The trainee would have oversimplified training modules to grasp the concept in an effective way.
Best ASP.NET training in Patna
Profoundly helpful cum-charging environment one can have in the ambiance of the Dynode Software.
Best ASP.NET training in Patna
The facilitator of the ASP Training Institute at Patna consistently attempts to give all sorts of technical requirements that require to be profited to satisfy all the real-time essentials.
Best ASP.NET training in Patna
The working experts or corporate customer base can set up their questions to our corporate faculty.
ASP.NET training Patna
24x7 lab facilities, the trainees are totally allowed to get to the lab illimitably.
ASP.NET training Patna
The smart ASP.net classes at Patna are excitingly furnished with digital pads, Wi-Fi connectivity, live racks, and projectors. The ASP classes at Patna are adaptable according to the candidate’s ideal planning.
ASP.NET training Patna
The smart labs are furnished with hi-fi equipment and high-end tools.
ASP.NET training Patna
The ASP.net training at Patna is only intended to beat the current IT market.

Internship Programs

This internship is intelligently committed to our energetic and enthusiastic participants predominantly recognizing and valuing the way that they are on the way of making a profession in the Dot Net Technologies discipline. This internship is designed to guarantee that in addition to gaining the essential theoretical knowledge, the readers increase adequate active practice and commonsense expertise to dominate the low down of the Dot Net developer profession. More than a training institute, Dynode Software today stands differentiated as a mission to help you "Build your dream career" - Dynode Software way.

What you will do as an Intern?

  • Undergo training for required courses
  • Work on assigned projects
  • Understand client requirements
  • Develop required code to meet clients requirements
  • Document the in line code
  • Test the developed code
  • Deploy the code
  • Capture client’s acceptance

Placement Assistance After The ASP.Net Training

Dynode Software is the Best ASP.Net Training Center in Patna and is giving a wide exhibit of placement administrations in various parts of the world in the shortest conceivable time.

Dynode Software helps job seekers to improvise/update their resume just to fulfill the current guideline of the market in the most ideal way.

Placement trainers conduct the PDS (character advancement meetings) to the job seekers in order to get the ideal job instantly.

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