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About Digital TMS

MR call Reporting Software for  sales team management

Our Online Transport Management Application is available in Software as a Service. Need not invest in IT infrastructure, incorporate your branches, and handle your business operations with just a PC/Laptop and internet connection. TMS Software support a full transport management automation system. Windows-based logistics management system software with DOS-based printing, Customize printing of every report, Protection from unauthorized user. Regardless of whether you work your own private fleet or get outside transporter services, our best transport management software offers the extent of arrangements you need to run a complete, incorporated system and achieve preferable outcomes over you ever thought possible. A fully cloud-based transport management system set is available in multiple deployment options, including multi-tenant, private hosted, on-premise or hybrid options

Digital TMS Billing Software & App For All Businesses

Manage your complete business with Digital TMS software. Best software for billing , inventory & accounting.

most simple, secure and eassy software. download now!



  • Bill (Monthly Bill Create to Consignor For Billed Consignment)

  • Bill Vendor

  • Gate Pass (Payment Received for Paid Consignment)

  • Lorry Hire (IN / Out) For Lorry Hire Detail Entry

  • CCR / WTR

  • Consignment Vendor

  • Load Manifest

  • Unload

  • Delivery Run Sheet

  • Delivery Update

  • Delivery Return

  • Consignment (For Create New Bilty or Challan)

  • Track Your Consignment (Enter Your Consignment for Instant Search)

  • Manifest Receive

  • Recall

  • P.O.D (Proof of Delivery Entry


  • Account Master – For Consigner and Consignee Creation

  • Rate Master- For Rate List Set Party Wise, Station Wise, Item Wise

  • Station Master

  • Item Master

  • Booking Branch

  • Lorry / Truck Master

  • Lorry Driver Master

  • Loading In charge


  • Money Receipt

  • Payment Voucher

  • Journal

  • Additional Voucher

REPORT SECTION (Listing Report)

  • Consignment (List of Bilty or Challan)

  • Consignment Vendor

  • Bill

  • Bill Vendor

  • Manifest

  • Delivery Statement

  • Gate Pass/Receipt

  • P.O.D (List of Proof of Delivery Entry)

  • Money Receipt

  • Voucher List

  • Journal List

  • Additional Journal List

  • Delivery Run Sheet

  • Unload List

  • Delivery Return Sheet

REPORT SECTION ( Inventory & Account Report)

  • List- To-Pay, Paid, Billed, FOC, ALL, DSR Report (Branch wise Consignment Detail), Rate List Detail

  • D.W.M- Party Wise (Daily, Weekly, Monthly Report)

  • Stock Report – City Wise, All, Summary, Backlog, Branch Wise

  • Party Report- Party Wise, Summary (Consigner Booking Summary), Outstanding Age Wise

  • Station Report- Station Wise, All, Summary Report

  • Bill Report – Party Wise, All

  • P.O.D Report- (Proof Of Delivery Report) Party Wise, Station Wise, Consignment Wise, All

  • Manifest- Summary, Branch Summary, Detail, Truck/Lorry History

  • Booking Report- Branch Wise, All, Summary, Single Branch

  • Service Tax Report- Party Wise, All/ CN Wise, Exemption List

  • Register VR VIII Report- All, Station Wise

  • Recall Report- Station Wise, All

  • Paid Receipt/Gate Pass- List

  • Paid Outstanding – Booking Branch Wise, Station Wise, All, Party Wise

  • Register Form RT-X

  • Consignment Report

  • Station Summary

  • Delivery Statement

  • Lorry Hire In Report / Lorry Hire Out Report

  • Unload Report

Accounts Report

  • Accounts Book- Cash Book, Cheque Issue Detail, Expense Report Monthly, Voucher Register, Journal Register, Expense Register, Account Opening Balance, Bank Reconciliation, Party Payment Detail

  • Accounts Ledger- Individual Ledger, Group Ledger, Group Summary

  • Final Account- Trail Balance


Digital DCR


Digital DCR

Benefits & Advantage Of Digital DCR

Our best logistics management system software constitutes advanced features along with basic features, enabling the smooth functioning of your business. These features include the integration of multi-lingual support and multiple payment modes, thereby helping you go hyper local. Here listed below few Benefits' of Online Transport Management Software.

Cloud based transport management system in Bihar Manifest - Loading And Unloading.
Transport and logistics software in patna Real-Time Data Can Be Access From Anywhere.
Freight management system in patna Transport And Logistics Software Offer Preprinted Consignment And Bill Functionality.
Online Transport Management Software in patna Export Bill and other reports In Excel, Word and PDF.
Transport Management Software in patna Auto Backup And Restore Facility available in freight management system.
Transportation management system in patna Online Transport Management Software offer Multiple Branch-Wise Consignment Booking.
ogistic management system in patna Master Rate Setting Option For Particular Client, Branch, and Item.
Logistic management system in Bihar Online Consignment Delivery Tracking By Customer Also.
Best transport management software in Bihar Vendor Consignment Booking, Rate Master Setting, And Monthly Billing.
logistics management system software in patna No Need Of Software Installation And Maintenance at your premises
Logistics management system software in Bihar Consignee Account Maintenance facility available in Transport Management Software.
Transport and logistics software in Bihar Proof Of Delivery (POD) Entry And Reports.
Freight management system in Bihar Lorry Hire In And Out Maintenance features available in Transportation Management System.
Online Transport Management Software in Bihar Gate Pass Entry And Money Receipt Collection.
Transport Management Software in Bihar Logistic Management Systems offers Party Wise Monthly Bill Generation.
Transportation management system in Bihar User Wise Restriction For Operation In Program.


What is a Digital Transport Management System?

A Transport Management System (TMS) is a software solution that improves the normal transport office process. The Transport Management Software automates documentation to reduce duplication and improve efficiency. Effectively a Transport Management System will decrease operational expenses and easily assign tasks through one point of entry.

What Should You Consider When Looking For A Transport Management System (Digital TMS)?

When Considering a Transport Management System your company should understand its scalability. If your current processes are below insurmountable pressure from duplication of instruction to misplacement of invoices then it can fight if there is a surge in demand. A Freight Management System will keep your data permanently letting you refer to previous deliveries whilst readily letting you add new customer orders.

What Are The Key Functionalities Of Digital TMS?

Transport Management System Software anchorages that the Process of moving goods from one point to another economically and as Cost-effective as possible. Automobile Backup And Restore Center readily available from the freight management system. Exceptions must be addressed and effectively managed to maintain consistency In deliveries.

What Are Some Benefits Of Digital TMS for Shippers?

Generally Talking, there are savings from better rate management and company selection, optimization, EDI/connectivity, process enhancements, and analytics. Practically speaking, a shipper can save 2-15 percentage depending on what they can execute effectively. Best Transport Software offers Multiple Branch-Wise Consignment Booking. Consignee Account Maintenance facility available in Top TMS Software. A manufacturer or distributor might gain the maximum value from better carrier selection and outbound path optimization.

How Will A Digital TMS Help Me?

By Removing duplication from the process and administration errors whilst speeding up your preparation and invoice processes, A Transportation And Logistics Software can save you time and money and allow organic business development.

How Does A Digital TMS Save Time?

With A single point of data entry, creating delivery notes, delivery manifests and bills can be done automatically and have a matter of seconds, reducing your administration time by up to 80%.

How Does A Digital TMS Save Money?

A Freight Management System Software will save money by Reducing overhead expenditure, staff will have the ability to execute their responsibilities to max Capabilities with the functionalities of the Transport Management System. This will allow employees to Concentrate on additional Tasks which reduces your overhead costs of hiring new staff to assist administration.

Could I Edit Information After A Job Has Been Completed?

Absolutely! Details like weight or merchandise amount can be changed before the moment a project is invoiced. This ensures that you are compensated fairly dependent on the work completed.

How Much Does A Transport Management System (Digital TMS) System Cost?

Online Transport Management System is designed to Save, not cost you money, and after your operational savings, even whether it costs you anything you have bought the incorrect system!

How A Digital TMS Does Reduce Cost And Increases Revenue?

The TMS ERP System carries a pragmatic strategy to control Costs and generate decent earnings while the transportation costs are a significant supply chain expense. Automating transportation planning and implementation processes like low-cost sourcing, finest routing and company choice enhances optimization along with a dip in the price.

Will The Digital TMS Connect With My Accounts Package?

Best Transport Management Software will Permit You to Raise an invoice before sending it with/without supporting documents/PODs.

From An account package perspective, the TMS then creates an export allowing you to Quickly transfer your bill information into Xero, Sage and Quick books to name a few. Invoicing through Dynode Software Cloud-Based TMS can Lower Your invoicing time from Down hours to minutes!

Will a Digital TMS Work In My Industry?

A Cargo Logistics Management Software can benefit any transport operation. Delivery, collection, distribution, bulk haulage and waste management are only some of the businesses that Dynode Software work with.

Will The Setup Of The A Transport Management System Impact My Business?

An ERP Software For Transport Company provider will Tailor the installation of the system to your preferences and you will be able to conduct your current procedure up to the moment that you go live so there'll be no negative impact on your company. Furthermore, your supplier needs to be with you each step along the way and support you even past your launch date.

What makes Dynode Software Digital TMS unique?

Dynode Software Carrier Management Software is a fastidious and comprehensive alternative that Covers all of the business processes involved in a TMS that someone can think of.

What Our Customers Say About Us

We appreciates our valuable customer's for their valuable review which encourage us to do more better.


Gauravi Industries


I Would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the services given by you all. I have been using your software since Mar'2020 and I had a wonderful experience so for. Your Work has been greatly appreciated by me and the rest of the staffs. Please Allow me to thank you all for you great support and best wishes for your future endeavors. Without Your services, We would not have been able to do what we are doing.

Agriculture Centre

Sasaram (Bihar)

I am very glad to say that I am using your software approx 14 years, your software is very user friendly & your customer service is more co-operative with us. I will highly recommended to any one for use your software.

Shree Jaiswal Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I glad to infom you that after using your software very helpful for our business and I am using last 4 years, This software is very good and your services also. I am very happy with this software.

Mahi Enterprises

Patna (Bihar)

I am really glad to say that your Software is very good. I have used this software last 3 years and I have no any problem against this. It is easy to use and geeting any problem the team of PMS always ready on time to support and solve the issue. Really it is common to use and date accuricy.

Maheshwari Power Tech. Spare Sales & Services

Uttar Pradesh

I have been using your products Since August of 2020 and I must say that I am more than delighted. You product is a very reliable system that has eased day-to-day work, giving me up to 3 hours of free time per day. The system makes all our roms available online which helps us stay fully booked. We wanted to move on to a cloud-based, a simple, and agile solution with round a clock support system.It has helped us get east access to our business date anytime, from anywhere, and has saved on our IT infrastructure cost.

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